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SG listing

Hello everyone. I know that I do not have a very strong presence on the LJ communities to which this is being posted to, but I wanted to inform as many people as possible that my Super Group - the Iron Ravens - is recruiting as well as to spread some information about it.

Foremost, we are a primarily RP SG based out of Virtue. We classify ourselves as a "medium to heavy" RP SG at that, meaning that we generally assume that anything not covered in parenthesis or brackets is in character but we do not mind OOC chatter so long as it is properly denoted (or in some teams, especially PuGs, we will occasionally note that the team is entirely OOC). We are a themed SG, namely themed after users of powered suits, such as the Crey Tanks, higher level Rikti lts and bosses, and Freak Tanks. We're minorly inspired by things like Bubblegum Crisis/Crash and other such TV shows and books but a working knowledge of any of those are not necessairy, we're in the City of Heroes and Villains, not Tokyo 2040.

We have no level restriction and technically no attendance policy, though activity is greatly encouraged. At the time of this writing, we are an extremely small SG, consisting of a little over a dozen members on three accounts by a total of two players, and as such have found it extremely difficult to gain new members. This is compounded by the fact that we aren't always on every day, and when we are it's between 7PM Eastern and 12AM Eastern as both members currently hold full time jobs.

Anyway, if you'd like to join us or ask for more information, check out and/or send me a global tell to @GFM or @Master Programmer.

Thank you,
Beta Raven

PS: x-posted to city_of_heroes
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