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We are oh so Virtuous

and we kick butt too!

for all the heroes smiting evil on virtue!
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Have you been kicking butt on Virtue and want to meet up with other LJers that play too? You've come to the right place then, citizen!

In your first post, please tell us who you're playing, what you do and what level you are. i.e. "wuthering, ice/fire blaster lvl 8".

Screen shots are always welcome, but please be considerate and use an LJ-Cut tag for those heroes on dial-up.

We are working on compiling a huge list for the community info, with people's lj names and their CoH names so that we can find each other more easily. It'll also help us figure out if we're compatible for teamups.

This community is not meant to take over for city_of_heroes but to supplement it, and group all the Virtue folks together in one spot for meetings and whatnot.

coh_virtue is currently maintained by xany and bittercupojoe.

LJ Users (alphabetized by LJ names) And their active mains on Virtue
abiku Gloria Baker - ? Force Field/Radiation Defender
aillecat Felicia Paxil Zap (Paxil Zap) - Science Umbral/Umbral Warshade (Mutant Rad/Dark Corruptor)
aliskye RayvnBlu - Mutant Gravity/Force Field Controller
alphahaunt hantent - Mutant Electric/Electric Blaster
bbe Taxibot 1 - Technology Empathy/Electric Defender
jonnorthwood Frost Faerie - Magic Ice/Ice Blaster
bigangry Taxibot Alpha - Mutant Empathy/Radiation Defender
biomekanic Zursiel - Magic Fire/Fire Blaster
bittercupojoe Thermion - ? Fire/Ice Tanker
cheetahmaster Countess Zero - Tech Ice/Ice Blaster
cmdr_zoom Miss Megajoule - Science Force Field/Energy Defender
coyoteseven The Electric Fairy - ? Electric/Devices Blaster
crack_city Bigscreen - Mutant Kinetics/Electric Defender
dataset Cobalt Fist - Mutant Invulnerability/Super Strength Tanker
decembercat9 TigerFire - Mutant Fire/Fire Blaster
delathi Baroness Darque - Magic Dark Melee/Dark Armor Scrapper
deyo Deyo - Magic Invulnerability/Battle Axe Tanker
donwaughesq Feuersturm - Science Fire/Fire Tanker
kalligraphy Demonic Elektra - Mutant Electric/Electric Blaster
duskrider3740 Kaitlyn Powerhouse - Energy/Fire Blaster
eryntzun Just Peachy - Magic Psychic/Kinetic Controller
fathom8 Kymera - Magic Energy/Energy Blaster
gaylord500 Yves - ? Empathy/Psychic Blast Defender
iamharrynelson Glitters - Mutant Energy/Energy Blaster
jell044 Jello Shot - Science Gravity/Radiation Controller
jillbamfette Raye Gunn - Technology Radiation/Radiation Defender
jinxmalone Wuthering - ? Ice/Fire Blaster
meg_mccormack Quintara - Magic Empathy/Psychic Defender
mechamummy American Ace - Natural Martial Arts/Regeneration Scrapper
mr_mooph Inconnu - Magic Dark Miasma/Psychic Blast Defender
newroticgirl Lilyfyre - Magic Fire/Electric Blaster
nirvanaqween Remington Seven - Science Fire/Ice Blaster
not_so_sacred Currant - Natural Energy/Elec. Blaster
oakenguy Legal Aide - Science Invuln/Strength Tanker
ocyn Royal Isis - ? Martial Arts/Super Reflexes Scrapper
princeps Apathy Cat - ? Claws/Regeneration Scrapper
road_to_hell Devil's Boy - Magic Fire/Fire Blaster
sameoldtune Force - Technology Force Field Defender
spyderqueen Winged Murasaki - Mutant Fire/Ice Tanker
templar46_2 The Kinetic Kricket - Science Kinetics/Energy Blast Defender
tonberryauron Windlacer - ? Energy/Energy Blaster
unclelumpy The Salmon Moose - Science Invincibility/Super-Strength Tanker
willie_maykitt Willie Maykitt - Mutant Empathy/Dark Defender
xany Mr. Stopheles - Magic Dark Melee/Invulnerability Scrapper
zenphoenix Midnight OwI - Mutation DM/DA Scrapper

Information current as of 09.12.2006.

To have your information added/updated, please leave a comment in this post.

LJ Users (alphabetized by LJ names) And the heroes who have paved the way (retired mains)
critus Gangbustah - Mutant Invulnerability/Super Strength Tanker
raptor41887 Heart's Fire - Science Tanker
netgoth Shambleau - Magic Empathy/Dark Blast Defender

Virtuous SG's currently represented here (in alphabetical order, "The" being ignored)

The Aegis (the_aegis)
The Bathroom Accessories
Damage Incorporated
Divination Incorporated - run by newroticgirl and biomekanic
The Hard Knock Heroes
The Hellmouth Saints (hellmouthsaints)
The Knights of Paragon
Knights Sanctus
The League of Indifference
The Liberty League
The Lions of Winter Reserves
The Official Cae Fan Club
The Pack
The Paladins of the Night (night_paladins)
Paragon Force Works
Paragon Taxi Service (taxibots)
Paragon Vanguard Elite
The People's Vanguard
Seraphim Guard

This community was originally started by jinxmalone, who we give great thanks to for maintaining it for all this time!

netgoth then succeeded her, but has since moved on from CoH. We thank her for her service to the community as well.