Life ain't a track meet; it's a marathon. (mrzero) wrote in coh_virtue,
Life ain't a track meet; it's a marathon.

After a month I'll finally say it.

"Hi! I'm @Mr Zero and I play on Virtue." (Double checks his "V's")

I guess my 'main' is Arch-Emnity (Dark/Dark Defender) but he's very new and I'm working his way up, just wanted to be sure that I wanted to settle on Virtue because I remembered it taking forever to level her on Pinnacle. I spent a month playing Automater (15 Kin/Rad Defender), who was briefly a member of the Hellmouth Saints back in the day, and Xenoglaux (16 Rad/Rad Defender) to get a feel for the server.

Regardless, I'll see you all around. Feel free to say hi.
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