Sir Garrett of Devonshire (sirgarrett) wrote in coh_virtue,
Sir Garrett of Devonshire

LFSG: Teens/ Highschool


I'm back after a hiatus from the game to play with The Movies, and then some DDO. As such I'm starting from scratch (and painfully deleting some old wonderful characters) and would like to see them in SG's that fit their theme.

I'm a moderate RPer and would most prefer to RP while missioning rather than sitting in Genimi park for hours on end (or is it the dance party now?) The character I wish to find a home for is another hero alt who will be teen based hero. I'm leaning towards either a troller or a blaster (I hate tanking and my new main's a scrapper) but I'm not set. I had a baby blaster "Kid Pheonix" rolled up, but I might not keep her.

Suggestions on a mid-intensity RP SG with a highschool or teen theme?
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