Master Sakai (schmoopy1) wrote in coh_virtue,
Master Sakai


I am a co-leader of an SG named Virtual Heroes Society -Genogoth Branch- (marvelites will remember them, and no copywrite infringement has ben violated 8D)
We have some active members, but we also have some that are rarely on. We have approximately 40 members ranging from lvl 2-50. We have a base with a telepad room and two telepads, a mission computer, of course an expert workbench, and a medical (that you can rez into). The active people, ranging about 15 of them, or I should say very active, and loyal, are really cool people. We are looking to add our ranks, and want to max them out to 75. We want active people, who are willing to give it all for the SG build the base, and make it their own. We have a website, and it is run by DJ Cowboy, aka, Ice Cricket. I am available for any questions at the website or online with my global name @lieutenant Dan. Also as Lieutenant Dan 50 Tanker, Master Sergeant Mel 22 Tanker, Outer Servant 24 Peacebringer, Fascimile 13 Warshade. These are the ones I play the most.

We are motivated to have a strong competitive Supergroup, to rally for base raids, and PVP. If this sounds good to any of you, please contact us.
Thanks for you time
Lieutenant Dan
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